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Welcome to Reo Industries. The Builders suppliers since 2009.

Suplly:  We supply and distribute all concrete accessories, reo accessories, brickwork accessories, formwork material, bituminous base paint and floor topping.
We are committed to maintaining our tradition of supplying quality products and we pride ourselves in providing customer satisfaction throughout Australia. We provide an exceptional and timely service at unique prices.
For your convenience our website allows online orders and they are available for deliveries. Our website will advise you how our products can arrive at your door and how much it will cost you.

Steel Fixing: REO Industries’ also has a large experience in steel fixing & reinforcements. We have unmatched strength to new building projects. The Company’s professionals are skilled in collaborating with builders, architects and civil engineers in shaping up successful construction jobs.

REO Industries implements only the latest, most effective concepts in steel reinforcements to make sure all projects are up to clients’ expectations. They take pride in the potential and outstanding efforts of their team that has never failed to exceed the expectations of customers no matter how big or small the project may be. Likewise, all their work and services are in complete compliance with the Australian Standards.

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